Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Don't be fooled by the calendar. I'm not counting down the days until I finish this; I actually only just started it yesterday. Eventually, it will be a Pinwheel Baby blanket, & it's coming along quickly (and beautifully I might add).

This is actually a picture of me looking longingly at my knitting that I could be doing instead of the paperwork I am drowning in at work. Ho-hum. It's a hard knock life.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


So I did it! I finished Orangina (again!).

Ammunition: Rowan, 4 ply cotton yarn in Bloom 132

: Crystal Palace, Bamboo Circulars, size US3

Battle time
: I don't know. This time around? I'm thinking maybe it took me 2 & 1/2 weeks while doing other projects? I'm not sure exactly. But it's done and I love it a lot. Except maybe Ill sew up the sides a bit more? I still feel like it hangs off of my shoulders a little more than I'd like it to.

I have a lot of this yarn left now, which I suppose is something new & different for me since I always seem to be running out of yarn mid project. I'm not sure what I'll do with it yet. Maybe I'll eventually make another one as a gift.

Other exciting things- I made over $50 yesterday tabling at Take Back the Night. I sold two sewn bags that I didn't even really like at all. (I almost felt kind of guilty taking money for something I didn't have pride in.) I also sold, and gave away, a whole bunch of zines AND sold one knitted piece and was asked to do commissioned pieces by two people. It was a little bit of amazing. That money will be put away to go to Mexico and learn spanish. And I'm glad I told people that is what it would be going to, because now I feel I need to uphold the promise I just made to a bunch of folks.

And on a related note, one of the bags that I sold was just a canvas bag that I had thrown a patch on. (Not a lot of work at all on my part) But it was a fantastic take back the night patch made by my very talented friend Milez. Check out some of his work!