Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Putting myself out(side) & out(there)

I finished my Hedera socks! I love them so much that I braved the freezing temperatures to get some half decent photos of them..

Yarn: Rowan 4ply cotton in "Bloom"
Needles: size 1 bamboo dpns
Knit time: about two weeks. Once I got the pattern down, the second sock was a breeze.

I loved that these were a stashbuster too! Although I still have one ball left, I'm thinking it will go into making some striped socks at some point. I also love that these are cotton so I can put them in the wash. I have much respect for you fancy-hand-wash-yarn sock knitters. But I am not the one. That's too much maintenance for me.

In keeping with my recent sock kick (ha! get it?), the minute I finished this pair I felt a great sense of loss. So, I cast on some Jaywalkers.

Also, I'm thinking about participating in a "Craft Derby" this weekend. I really want to start putting some of my original work out there. I'm also needing to raise money big time for this summer. So I'm trying to spray some stencils (new & old) and do some sewing. But I'm also trying to be realistic about what I can get done in 3 days while still allotting time for school, sleep and eating. ::Sigh:: If only I could do nothing but craft.

And speaking of me trying to put my stuff out there, I realized today that on the 24th of this month, this blog is officially a year old. That's crazy. Time flies when you're having fun! Looking back at my entries though, I've mostly just shared things I've knit that were other people's patterns. And while I enjoy doing that, I think I have more in my repertoire to share. I've made a mental note to work on that.