Friday, November 28, 2008

A day of rest

Hello blogging world! Long time, no speak! Err..or type, rather. I write to you the side of a warm fireplace at my mom's house where I'm spending the holiday weekend. I've been incredibly busy organizing our Give Handmade Crafstravaganza! It's been a lot of fun & given me an opportunity to work with a lot of great folks & network with almost 90 incredibly inspiring artists. We also started a new blog, 518handmade!, to continue to nurture the culture of DIY & handmade in Albany.

That being said, I'm freakin' tired people. And I can't wait until the days are actually here, when it's less about organizing logistics & more about getting to meet all these folks in person & peruse their art.

At times like these I find I'm so busy I can hardly remember whether or not I've brushed my teeth. And yet..I somehow seem to knit even more when I'm busy & stressed. I'm currently working on socks, a sweater vest, a hat, and a coat for my niece. And I think I finished the Ms. Darcy cardigan in about a week.
Name: "Bronzed Darcy"
Needles: US9
Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Classic AL in "Bronze" (purchased at Rhinebeck 2007)
Thoughts: It's a little short for my preferences. And if I did it over, I would've done it in the round. But overall, I still love the sweater & the look of it.

I should have more finished work to show soon. Including stuff I've been working on to sell at our show. I'll be teaming up with Corinne and sharing a table with her & her kick ass art.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Project Spectrum- Water Element

So I was a pretty lax project spectrumer, but I did it consistently throughout. But you know, more time for life, less time for blogging.

The theme for August & September was water & the colors were blue, purple & black.
These shots are from my trip to California in September. (I was in the San Francisco area to attend the wedding of my uncles)
pier 39

kissy face

And then of course there was the project spectrum knits..
I love this combo & have already been wearing it a lot.

My midnight cowl
Pattern: modified version of Ilean (ravelry link)
Modifications: Button band instead of joining. Added silver vintage buttons
Yarn: Purple merino from morehouse farm (which sadly no longer has a booth at rhinebeck)
The hat is another foliage, which I had knitted last year for a friend & had intentions since of making one for myself. I've been wearing it kind of beret style, which i prefer.
Here's detail of the top. Though for some reason it looks really pointy in this photo.

I also made a painfully plain hat for Gustavo. But it was "plain, black, fitted and folded" just as he requested (as modeled here, sticking out his tongue with his goofy self)
Pattern: Seaman's Cap, made in size large (which was too big)
Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Sunsette
He also wears his kind of beret-style, but that's probably more so he can show off his twists.

But I felt obliged to add a little bit of a detail. A signature if you will..