Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Knitter Returns

About two weeks ago I received the news that I would be getting laid off from my counseling job at the end of June. I have been less than thrilled with the job & had been trying to bring myself to leave it for quite a few months. It struck me that perhaps the universe was doing for me what I hadn't been able to do for myself.

That sounds rather Zen and all, but don't congratulate me just yet for this stroke of fortune. It also quickly struck me (oh, about 10 minutes later) that it was also my major source of income, that this isn't the best economy to be looking for a job in, and that having to sell myself to prospective employers is a loathsome task that brings up all those icky self confidence issues. Needless to say, I was stressin'.

It was then that it hit me. The sudden, irresistible urge to knit. All this tension came tumbling down my shoulders and needed to spill out by creating something with my hands. Something that allowed me to thrum out my stress through relatively mindless repetition.

I picked up some socks that rock yarn from Rhinebeck's past & got going on some socks. And boom! My knitting mojo was back!
It seemed fitting that I should come across the "Go With the Flow" socks from Favorite Socks in my "to-be-knit" binder. I mean, I was going to lose my job regardless of how stressed I was going to be about it.

I could freak out and worry about it (which I still do at times) or I can just go with it. It, being the flow. Take it as a positive opportunity to leave guilt-free in search of better opportunities. And be thankful I'd be taking my knitting mojo with me when I go. I told myself that I would make the best of it, and when I got a fantastic new job, I would knit the "9 to 5" socks to complete the knitting metaphor.

And here I am two weeks later with a sock & a half completed, the urge to knit more, my resume sent in to be considered for quite a few great positions, and a back up counseling position that just landed into place which I have already begun.

Of course, that doesn't mean everything is perfect. Having started another counseling position while finishing up my former one means I am theoretically working four jobs at the moment. And changes like this always wear on my over-planning, stability-loving personality. But I'm still looking at the brighter side of things, and knitting away all the rest. The rest will just have to fall into place on it's own.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I realize that this is old news, because there's arguably already a cult following just considering the sheer amount of blogs I've seen this posted on. However, I had to post just to gush about how much I love this freaking preview.

Like, seriously, it makes my heart hurt a little bit-that's how much. I hope the movie lives up to the preview.

Friday, May 22, 2009

New Start

Hello internet world!

You probably assumed I had abandoned this blog. Well..I kind of did. More out of neglect than a conscious quitting though. You may have even thought in your wildest dreams, that I had stopped being crafty all together. Well...I kind of did that too. Before about two weeks ago, I hadn't knit in months! I can't tell you how long it's been since I picked up a paintbrush. And sadly, the only reason my sewing machine isn't covered in a thick layer of dust is because I've been lending it out to other people.

I don't know why I'm always so surprised when I recognize (once again), how closely my creative process is connected to my mental health. The word "duh" seems appropriate here. But here I was in a hating my job, hating where I'm living, winter (carried over into spring) rut that I just couldn't shake. I knew doing some art work would probably help me through some of this, but at the same time I just couldn't muster up enough motivation to pick up knitting sticks, let alone think about creating something.

And then there's this blog. I created this blog thinking it would be a nice little compartmentalized showing of all the things I created, with some lofty diatribes about the creative process, which would simultaneously omit 80% of any information about my real life. My real, messy, not always feeling immensely creative or inspired life. You see, I've been burned by you before, internet world. Or rather by people who would misuse my relationship with you, and I just wasn't ready to go down that road again. I still may not be. But I know this-if this blog is going to be at all helpful or relevant to me, or to anyone else for that matter, I need it to be real.

I need it to include shit I make, but then hate. Pictures of my messy craft room, which often resembles more of a junk room. It needs to include the books I read, my writing, the music that inspires me, my new ventures into gardening, sustainable living and cooking. I need it to include my feelings, insecurities, loves, and all the other things that actually drive my creativity (and occasionally hinder it). Otherwise, it's just fluff. And let's face it-I'm too old, too busy and too wise to invest my time in fakin' it.

So, here's to a new start, internet world. Let's see what we can learn from one another.