Tuesday, March 28, 2006

So much knitting, so little time

Day two of being back to work, and oh how I miss my vacation. I even got the opportunity to re-organize my crafting stuff. It's not much, but I'm pretty happy with it in my humble abode.

I actually had to do a major dust-off of my sewing machine. Oh, for shame. When I got it about a year and a half ago, I swore I would sew constantly. Truth be told, I'm kind of intimidated by garment construction. But then again, I used to be super intimidated by knitting, so I really just need to dive in.

Speaking of sewing, I am about 2/3 done with the knitting for wild stripes and then it's on to detailing, blocking, and sewing on the back. However, I've sort of put the project on the back burner for now. Partly because I'm just sort of sick of stockinette stitch, but also because I'm going to see about getting more of that yarn I had run out of. Whatever man, the baby isn't due till July. I've got time.

Instead, I've been working on my Zapatista doll. This is her back and one of her legs. Whilst reading ahead on the pattern I am modifying for it, I realized I'm going to have to "turn her heel." Being a relatively new knitter, this is unexplored territory for me. Sometimes I get lost in my own ambitions. I kind of felt as though I should have made socks first or something. But the wild woman in me says that's just silly and people learn steps in a different order. We shall see, I guess. It's always the idea of things that intimidate me, not the actions themselves once I get to them.

Bearing that in mind, I also cast on some maryjane slippers today too. It's not that I need more slippers persay. It's my partner that needs his own slippers, because he's always swiping mine. But I found this pattern before I came across a set for him that I really liked.

And finally...there's the orangina situation. This was my first lace knitting project, and I was really proud of how quickly I completed it. Trouble is, I somehow managed to make it about two sizes too big! I blame this not only on my skewed body image perception, but also on my resistance to being one of those knitters who does practical things- like checking their guage.

I asked for feedback from an on-line knitting community, and the overwhelming response was that I should leave it as is and embrace the off-the-shoulders look. But it was just way too big for that & slipped off entirely too much. I also tried sewing up some of shoulders a bit, which made it stay on more, but I'm still not thrilled with it. So I am again considering starting it over. In fact, I feel certain that's what I want to do. I know that sounds crazy, but I'd rather do it over then do a piss poor patch up job & then never really wear it. It's too beautiful for that!I need a living situation that allows me to pay my way in knitting.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

a crafter's dilema

Oh, how I obsess. I am knitting this baby blanket for a co-worker. The colors aren't entirely accurate in this picture. It's bright & beautiful. (I hate when people overload babies with pastel crap. Kids need color in their lives.)

Trouble is, when I ordered my yarn from knitpicks they were out of the "asparagus" color, so I substituted it for a very similar yarn from my local yarn shop. Problem is, I'm pretty sure I am not going to have enough of this particular yarn to finish the project. The shop is out of this yarn & does not expect to get it in any time soon. Because I choose to purchase locally, it's not a yarn that is available over the internet or at a chain store such as Michaels. I could very well just order the asparagus from knitpicks, because now they have it. But here's the crafters dilema...

Do I start using this new yarn knowing that it will be different from the yarn I've been using thus far? Because that would bug the crap out of me. But as is most often the case, I'm making it for someone who's not a crafter, and would probably not even notice the difference!

But once I gave it to them, I just know that every time it's referenced or shown I will have to point out the discrepency like a forming pimple that I am just sure everyone is staring at. People who don't craft don't have these problems! But me, I lay in bed at night playing this stuff out in my head.

So even though this blanket is a boooring knit, I've been working on it obsessively so I can come to a conclusion about this dilema. Also, I have about 4 other knitting projects that I have lined up for those size needles. (Now that is when you know you are obsessed.)

Friday, March 24, 2006

Happy Spring Knitting

So my new knitting related obsession is knitted toys, and this little guy was my first experiment.

I made him using scrap yarns in just a few hours, with a pattern from Knitted Toys, by Fiona McTague.

I have several other things on the needles right now, including two blankets and a zapatista doll so hopefully more pictures will be coming soon.

Stepping up

I've finally decided to start a blog on my exploits in knitting, sewing, painting, and other creative endeavors.

I was/am quite hesitant about it because 1) I by no means consider myself an "expert" in any craft, 2) I don't have a great digital camera, 3) there are sooo many amazing craft blogs out there. I should know, I probably read a good portion of them. so why would anyone wanna read mine? and 4) I don't even have a cute pet to model my creations!

Despite all of that, I've opted to go for it anyway. Hell, even if it's not useful or entertaining to anyone else, it'll help me motivate to do craft stuff all the time. Cuz really, that's when my life makes the most sense.