Saturday, January 10, 2009


2008, originally uploaded by mslj88.

So, 2008. It came. It went. I knit a lot of stuff- mostly socks & hats. I hope 2009 is the year of the cardigans. There are a lot of kick-ass cardigans that I want to make, three of which I have the yarn already for.

1. Amelia, which I have already begun in a lovely varigated green yarn that I aquired two Rhinebeck's ago.

2. Brompton, which I have a gorgeous blue yarn to do.

3. The Garter Yoke Cardigan, which I have been coveting for quite some time. I'm thinking of doing it in this mustard-yellow yarn that I have.

And of course, it would be nice to finish off that tangled yoke cardigan I started, oh..a year ago. And there is about a bazillion other things I would like to knit.

And then there were my "creative ambitions" for 2008..

1. Creating a cohesive art show in March (done!)
2. Experiment with spinning on a wheel
3. Play with color work more in my knitting
4. Do more paintings and drawings again (did a little bit, particularly for the show)
5. Get "finished" sprays of my stencils (done!)
6. Experiment with quilting
7. Make a shirt using a sewing pattern
8. Finish old projects that have been lingering (*I think I am officially changing this goal to feeling comfortable frogging some of my old abandoned, or unused projects, to make something different with the yarn)
9. Print some of my photographs (done!)
10. Incorporate more of my creations into my everyday life and wardrobe (started)
11. Learn more about different yarns

..but, this year I also did things I didn't dream I would have been able to...

1. Graduated with my Master's Degree

2. Traveled to 4 different countries

3. Went back to do work in New Orleans

4.Painted a mural

5. Had a joint art show

6. Fell in love

7. Organized a Craft Fair

8. Sold a bunch of things at said Craft Fair

9. Got my own tags & started an Etsy shop (though I haven't stocked it with anything yet).

10. Taught English & learned Spanish.

All & all, not too shabby. So I don't feel the least bit bad that I didn't do all that was on my list or blog more. 2009? Bring it on..


So, uhh..long time, no blog- again. What can I say? I'm not a very committed blogger. And I make no pretenses that that's going to change. Fortunately, I am a committed crafter, however, so I have lots of finished knits to show to wrap up 2008.

Name: Hailey's Stripey Hat
Pattern: Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap
Yarn: Red Heart Designer Sport
Thoughts: Adorable & fast knit. Hopefully it fits Hailey's recently enlarged noggin' (I'm sure she'll grow into that head). Believe it or now, this project was the first occasion I've had to do an i-cord, which was fun.
Name: Striped Mits
Pattern: Thumbless Mitties from Our Yellow House
Yarn: Red Heart Designer Sport
Thoughts: Fun & quick! Made to match the hat; added an i-cord attachment so they don't lose one another. Leah, who designed the pattern, was one of the fantastic creators I had the occasion to get to know better during the course of GSCA's Give Handmade! events.
This set was one of few things that I was able to knit for the holidays. I completed it in time for christmas, but have I actually mailed it? No.Name: Tres for Karen
Pattern: Yup, that's right. Another Koolhas (ravelry link)
Yarn: Some left over Karabella Aurora Yarn. Hooray for stashbusting!
Thoughts: What can I say? I love this hat & it's so gratifying to make. I'll be making another one in the near future for Karen's partner as soon as the yarn arrives in the mail.
Who knows? Maybe I'll make one for myself one of these days. It does look kinda good on me ;)Name: Kednel's Noggin
Pattern: Thorpe
Yarn: Some leftover Elsebeth Lavold yarn from my Ms. Darcy cardigan & a smidgen of navy blue yarn that I got as a freebie at the ravelry party.
Thoughts: Kednel specifically requested this hat. This is a terrible picture of it, but it looks adorable on him.
Name: Jenny's Gray Foliage
Pattern: Foliage
Yarn: Some leftover Montera, Classic Elites yarn that I've had in my bin for ages.
Thoughts: Yup, third time making this one too. But Jenny requested it after seeing the one I made for Rachel. I did one less repeat than the pattern called for in order to size it to her specifications. I didn't love it in this yarn initially, because there is less stitch definition, but all & all I think it looks pretty good.
And lest you think that I'm only knitting hat these days, I also finished a pair of socks..
Name: Purple Express
Pattern: Express Lane
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Socks that Rock-light weight. It's some mill end yarn I scored at Rhinebeck.
Thoughts: I like them. I don't love them. But I insist on buying multi-colored yarn, which I later fret over the pooling and pattern definition of. Meh.
I have intentions of blogging again soon with a 2008 project mosaic. Plus I already have a finished knit for this year, some stuff in the works, and other craft stuff to blab about. We'll see how that goes.