Saturday, May 26, 2007

Lil bun

Two views of the same cute lil bun. I made this for a friend of mine who had a baby using the free download from wee wonderfuls.

I always love making dolls, but I never want to give them away. This is problematic, them being gifts and all. I'll have to make some dolls just for me.

This project also made me want to experiment with embroidery more. (You know, cuz I need another craft obsession) But I see a lot of potential for stencils with some embroidery accents.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A variety to share

I came across this post the other day which really spoke to a lot of my thoughts and feelings about owning the label "artist". It's way easier to say I'm a social worker, or at maximum for me to say "I used to be an art major". But it's something that I'm working on, because I really can not imagine my life with out art, so I should not be insecure about asserting it's prominence in my life.

In my quest to own being an artist, it's been vital to surround myself with people who nurture my artistic endeavors. Miles is definitely one of those people. I love when he comes to stay with me and we can bounce ideas off of each other & motivate each other. He finally lit a fire under my ass to finish some stencils that I've had laying around the house for, no joke, a year.

"Knitting is Love"
I am not completely satisfied with this piece yet. I think it still needs some fine tuning. But I had to share it because I loved the concept of it so much. It's from an original sketch I did.

I'm pretty happy with this giraffe too. It just needs a better spray. I'm envisioning it on skirts in the future I think.

This is the piece I've had laying around my house for a year. Or more accurately, two homes, since I've trudged it along. I've had it about 85% done for the majority of that time and then I just got sick of looking at it & decided it was going to come out bad anyway (hello self deprecation). It drove Miles nuts. So he finished the last bit, and voila! It's gorgeous!! What the hell was my problem? Now I think it will stand as a reminder for me of how much I hold myself back artistically because I can't own my talents.

I think those are the first stencils projects I've shared on this blog. I haven't been doing too many lately. But after spraying these, I've been re-inspired.

I also realized that I never posted about this fantastic shirt I refashioned. I got it from a dear friend at a clothing swap. It's just a plain ol' striped shirt that I was going to cut into strips & make fabric yarn out of.

(I can't believe I actually remembered to take a before picture)
This is what it became instead...

This is a not-so-great photo of what it is now. I really love it and these photos don't do it justice. I used the sleeves to make pockets too, because I am a firm believer that everything should have pockets.

Last, but not least, a new knitting project! I've been so bogged down with school, my internship, and doing fundraising so I can study abroad this summer that I've had zero time for knitting. Most of my crafting has been sewing, and only things that I think folks will buy. It's nice to be doing something more frivolous.
This little green thing has aspirations to one day become the bonsai tunic from Interweave. The yarn I'm using is a super soft wool blend, which isn't necessarily the ideal for a spring project. But it's what I have in the stash & I'm broke, so whatevs.

Geez, stenciling, sewing and knitting projects to show! I'm practically a Renaissance woman!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

A lot in progress.

I've been waaaaay lax on the updates lately. That's mostly because I've had way more things in progress than I can keep up on!

In the knitting department....
Finished Jaywalkers!!! For those who are observant (or not completely blind) you might notice that the toes do not match in color. That's because, in true knittydigital fashion, I ran out of yarn. Not just any yarn. Yarn from my beloved, but now closed, local yarn shop. Yarn that is no longer being produced in this color variation. So what you see above was my attempt to substitute similar colors using Rowan 4ply cotton. Not the greatest, I know. But I don't care. I love them anyway.

Things have been quiet on the knitting front since the jaywalkers because I have been sewing like a MAD woman. I have been making various crafts & selling them to raise money to study abroad in Africa this summer. So far, I've tabled twice & these pictures are just a teeny portion of my first sale.
Tote bags,
Check book covers..

& fabric bracelets.

I've also been making small fabric pencil case/makeup type bags too. My sewing has really greatly improved. I learned how to put the zipper foot into my sewing machine & the iron has been used more than...well, ever. I'm making a whole big batch of more stuff for a fundraiser this week too, so hopefully I'll have even more pictures to share.