Friday, January 28, 2011

Don't call it a comeback...

This is not going to be one of those posts where I solemnly swear to be a more dedicated blogger. It's not-I promise. I will say that I have been thinking about doing more writing in general which I hope to do on here from time to time. I've also been thinking about new ways to nurture creativity in my life which is impacted by several factors.

For one thing, my laptop died somewhere around Thanksgiving. Yes, I have been without a computer for the past two and a half months! ::gasp::

Okay, but not reeeeaaaallly, because I have an iphone so that's kind of cheating.

More importantly, however, is the new arrival of this beautiful lil bean....
Yup, I'm a new Momma. And it's funny to me that only two posts ago I even came out as being pregnant. That feels like a lifetime ago and so much has changed since then. So if I am going to be posting on the ol' blog, it's going to involve mommy things now & also what it means to be creative with my kid as well as stealing moments to myself for creative pursuits. Perhaps it goes without saying that any posts will happen during the baby's erratic and brief naps.

And of course it will include pictures of this cutie in hand knits. So check back in from time to time, wontcha?

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Nikkya said...

for realz - check back in wontcha' momma?